Sunday, March 10, 2013

HELLO FELLOW BLOGGERS!  I haven't a clue as to how sites likes this work, so bare with me as I feel my way around.  I have done most of my writing on Hubpages at, under the pen name of My Esoteric.  But in reality, my name is Scott Belford.

Some may ask, the curious will anyway, why start this blog, aren't I happy on Hubpages?  Yes, I am but the kind of writing I present on Hubpages isn't really suitable for blog-type formats, or at least what I think blog-type formats are.  My topics on Hubpages are varied, covering current politics, religion, the physical sciences, economics, American political history, and so on.

For this blog, initially at least, I will provide opinions on current political events with and eye toward comparing and contrasting the various sides to an issue.  As you read, you will probably think I am a far-Left liberal if you are on the Right-side of the political spectrum; if you are on the Left, you will most likely think I am a conservative, maybe not a far-Right, but conservative nevertheless.  This means, of course, I am a moderate who can see, I hope, both sides of an issue; that is my goal anyway.

If you read my hubs, you will probably notice I am somewhat long-winded, or worded, a habit I will try overcome on this blog.  If you wish to know more detail about me, I have a profile at

I hope what you find is entertaining, educational, thought provoking, but above all else, interesting.

Scott Belford aka Moderate in the House.

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