Monday, September 15, 2014


The following message ideas appear to fill a gap in what I have seen in ads coming from Democratic candidates, the PACs, and the national organizations.  Personally, given the way I see the poll numbers going, I don't think the right message is getting out; so here are my shots at what I think would be effective.  Their intent is to be positive overall while taking shots at the opponent on issues that I think impact people close to home and aren't theoretical.  Finally, these are at the "fill-in-the-blank" candidate level and obviously intended to be much better written by professionals..


"Hi, my name is [   ] and I am running for [    ].  Of the many important issues which you have told me are of concern to you, I want to take a moment of your time to address one of them ... health care.  After an admittedly very rocky start last year, common for most new software systems, the [state] insurance exchange envisioned by the Affordable Care Act was on-line and accepting applications.  Overall, over 8 million Americans took advantage of this new program, [   ] million right here in [state].  Of those, about [  %] were people like many of you who didn't have insurance to start with many times because the insurance company simply dropped you or wouldn't let you sign up in the first place.

Beginning the month we go to the polls to select which Party is going to control Congress, the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges will open up again to let you sign up for the first time or to change, if you want to, what you already have.  Projections are that another [  ] million Americans will sign up for the first time this cycle.  But, all of that may be for naught IF the Republican Party gets control of the Senate and maintains control of the House.  WHY is it for naught?  Because my opponent and his Party's stated goal is KILL the Affordable Care Act or come as close to that goal as possible.

Is that what you really want ... to lose your the insurance you got just this year??  Democrats already know this to be true, but Republicans and Independents who have insurance for the very first time; these "bumper sticker" slogans used by my opponent against the Affordable Care Act are an attack on you personally, not on President Obama, but on you.  In their effort to [destroy your President's work], they have decided to make you "acceptable collateral damage"

Is that what you want [opponent's name] to do to you if you send [him/her] to Congress?  For it will happen if you vote along Party lines.

Part of my job, if you chose to send me to Congress, is to protect you and protect your right to affordable insurance.  Vote to keep your insurance, vote for [  ]


"Hi, my name is [   ] and I am running for [    ].  Of the many important issues which you have told me are of concern to you, I want to take a moment of your time to address one of them ...A Woman's Right to Equal Pay for Equal Work.  Just recently, Conservatives, including four women, voted to stop debate, meaning they didn't even want to talk about it, in the Senate on a bill, Paycheck Fairness Act, which would have gone a long way to guaranteeing Equal Pay for Equal Work.

Let me ask the Republican and Independent women listening to me right now, "Did you know your employer can prohibit you, even fire you, if you talk about your pay status with a co-worker?  Well, if you do, you can be!"  One of the provisions in the Paycheck Fairness Act, which I support, would Stop your employer from Firing you for exercising Your First Amendment Right to Free Speech.  Well, Conservatives, including my opponent Don't Think You Have That Right and even worse, they Don't Even Want To Talk About It!  I thought Conservatives were for the Bill of Rights, apparently not ... are you?

I know I am and if you value your Right To Speak as well and want to talk about your pay to co-workers, you will need to vote for me, for I will vote For the Paycheck Fairness Act,  If you vote for my opponent, it isn't going to happen because you will remain muzzled as you have been for the last 230 years for [He/She] will vote to deny you your right to speak.

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